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Don't pay more than what
 you owe in a Restaurant!












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I'm sure the following story happened to you before: you are part of a group in restaurant, with colleagues or friends or family members. At the end of the meal, the bill is given. First, people try to calculate your own bill, but it's too complicated, because one have to add the prices of their dishes, then calculate state tax, add it to their sum, then calculate the tip and add it to the previous sum. Some succeed, some don't. So usually, the group decide to split the bill equally instead of spending much time in complicated calculations. But you ate chicken and someone else ate lobster. Why would you pay the same amount of money? But you shut up, follow the group's decision and pay more than what you really owe!

But by buying our Tax and Tip Calculator for only $1.50, you'll avoid this problem and save money for years! Here is how: the Tax and Tip Calculator generate 2 tables (one for Tax and Tip, one for Tip only) that you can easily glue on any business card and put it in your wallet.
So if you are part of a group in restaurant, you will just have to add the prices of your dishes, then take out your card from your wallet and with a glance of an eye, you'll know the final price, tax and tip included, that you have to pay for your meal. Then you can  lend your card to the other parties in your table who will also know instantaneously how much they must pay, they will probably compliment you. And people who ate lobster will pay more than people who ate chicken!

But in addition to saving money over the years, you will also save time, headache and embarrassment by not having to make complicated calculations on Tax and Tip, or on Tip only.

2 different functions in only one business card. Everyone should have it in his/her wallet!


1) If you are in a group in a restaurant:

You must know how much you owe. You don't like to be seen spending too much time calculating tax and tip on your restaurant bill? You are not good in calculations and afraid to pay too much? Use our Online Tax and Tip Calculator where you can type the Tax of your state and type the percent of Tip that you like to pay. Our calculator will show you a table of prices from $5 to $84 (increased by $1)  and, on the right, the same price with Tax and Tip. Then you'll be able to print it out. The table will print automatically in a business card format. You'll then cut the table along the dotted lines and paste it on one side of a business card you don't need. It should take about 1 minute for the whole process!

2) If you are alone in a restaurant or must pay the whole bill:

Then it's more simple than the first case. You just have to add the Tip. Here again, our calculator will help you. You'll do the same process as stated above, but for Tax, you will type 0. Then print it out, cut and paste the resulting table on the other side of the same business card!

By buying our calculator for only $1.50, you'll be able to avoid headaches in a restaurant for years!


What others are selling:

Now, let see what other vendors propose. Click on to compare (you may have to disable your Pop-Up Blocker to see it).

Yes, they send you an already printed card to put in your wallet, but the disadvantages compared to our Tax calculator are:

- It cost $2.00 instead of $1.50.

- It doesn't calculate State Tax, so you can't use it if you are in a group in a restaurant.

- For Tip, you have the choice between 15% and 20%. If you're used to pay 18% for example, you can't use it. Our calculator allows you to choose the Tip percent.

- You need to wait 4 weeks for delivery! While with our online calculator, you'll have your 2 tables printed in 2 minutes!

You'll see many Tip Calculators on the Internet. It will give you the Tip to add to your bill. But none of them will take taxes into account. Our handy calculator calculates the tax (corresponding to your state or country), add it to your sum, then calculate the tip (you choose the percent), add it and give you the final sum!


Our Solution:

As an example, here is a blurry picture of the table you'll print out:


This table was calculated with a Tax of 4% and a Tip of 8%. But you will be able to choose the Tax and Tip that you want. The quality of the printout will be perfect. You'll just cut along the dotted lines. Very simple!

In the column in bold, you'll see the price (from $5 to $84) without tax and tip. On the right of your price, you'll see the final price you have to pay, with tax and tip, or with tip only.

Still doubtful? We recently implemented a eBay style feedback system that allow every customer to leave feedback about our product. Click here to check it out.


Print out right after paying!


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Ready to buy? If so, pay securely through Paypal by clicking on the "Buy Now" below. Once you pay, you will be automatically directed (wait 10 seconds max.) to a web page where you can print out your tables.


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